EU boast of free market entry, but reality is different. Lots of rules and regulations create barriers for the free flow of goods and capital. ERBA-membership will assist you in breaking down these barriers. ERBA has close relations to a number of industrial and business associations in EU-countries.

Organic Farming in Europe is Gro- wing

Certification and Certificats

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What is ERBA?

ERBA activities are based on 17 years of cooperation between the Urals and Denmark. ERBA is a consulting company with experience in twinning projects. We find relevant partners for industrial or financial companies and assist them in establishment of their long-term cooperation. ERBA is established in cooperation with Hilton Fund in Perm Krai. This company is famous for its English language training. We are working closely together with Argumenti Nedeli from Moscow.

During these 17 years a close relationship has existed between ERBA and Hilton Fund. The Managing Director of ERBA, Mr. Soren Hjorth has lived and worked in Ural for more than 7 years and he has a thorough knowledge of companies in the Urals and their immediate needs. ERBA-staff covers contacts to Businesses in all EU-countries and we have close contacts to industrial organizations in countries like Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Italy, and others. These relations will be utilized to the benefit of ERBA-members.

ERBA is resident of Denmark and is supported by the major industrial organizations in this country.

ERBA cooperates with the Chambers of Commerce in Moscow and in Perm and has close links to the Government of Perm Krai.

ERBA will constantly be enroute to or from the Urals regions serving the members in an optimal professional way.

ERBA – will present to you a partner:

• Of your liking
• Relevant to your wishes and needs
• For long-term business relations
• Securing profitability of your business
• Who can exchange knowledge and methodologies with you
• Who can expand your markets
• Who can enter into joint production with you.

Meat processing lines and single machines for:

• Sausages
• Ground meat (Hamburgers, Meat balls)
• Massaging and tumbling of ham
• Salami
• Luncheon meat
• Corned beef
• Fish
• Poultry

Standard machines or tailor-made solutions to meet your specifications.

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