What is the price of my mem- bership?

The annual membership fee of ERBA is EUR 15.000, which – gi- ven full exploitation of your mem- bership – will come back to you in terms of increased profitability of your business.

ERBA – the Way to success for your business.

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Process- & Mixing Technology

Industrial Process plant for a varie- ty of industries:

How do I become a member of ERBA?

ERBA is constantly represented in the Urals. A call to our local office in Perm is enough to ask for a representative to visit your company. During the visit all details of the membership will be demonstrated, and all of your questions will be answered.

From the day of your membership you will within one month receive the visit from the ERBA-consultant, who will perform the company check in your company over a period of three days. From then the full ERBA-programme will be launched in cooperation with you.

Who can become member of ERBA?

Private companies and state-owned companies in the process of privatization may become members of ERBA. Membership is connected with the recommendation from the ERBA-consultant, who performs the first visit to you company. If the consultant finds that your company will have difficulties in obtaining satisfactory results from the membership, you will be informed accordingly.
Companies accepted into the family of ERBA will be asked to submit the membership fee to ERBA-bank account in Denmark. Upon reception of the fee you will receive your ERBA-ID card, which will give you certain benefits in EU-countries in terms of reduced hotel prices, lower prices for English training in your city, lower prices for arrangements by ERBA, etc.

What do I get from a membership of ERBA?

The ERBA–membership means that you enter into a family of professionals. The membership comprises three main categories of services.

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