Without water, life, as we know today, becomes difficult if im- possible.

Water Treatment

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European-Russian Business Association.

The way to success for YOUR business.

Globalization is a key-word in modern business. Your company is a part of the globalization whether you like it or not. Markets are changing; clients are all the time searching for optimal solutions to their needs. What used to be a safe and secure client portfolio is subject to quick changes.

Financial crisis or not: Business keeps developing, and those who foresee the development lead the changes. The others must follow.

EU is an attractive market, but it is not easy to penetrate. EUROPEAN-RUSSIAN Business Association will assist you in finding the exact match for your business.

EU-companies are greatly interested in cooperation with Russian partners, but it is difficult for them to find the right gate to the Russian markets. ERBA is this gate.

Climate & Energy

Denmark has a long-standing commitment to fighting climate change. Danish technologies in energy production and energy savings are world leaders due to a long tradition for search for alternative energy sources. Replacement of fossil energy consumption is high on the agenda in Denmark.

No. 1 in Modern Energy

With a 20 per cent market share, and 38,000 wind turbines installed, Vestas is the world’s leading supplier of wind power solutions.

Understanding Modern Energy

All over the world, people must prepare for new forms of energy. The sharp rise in energy consumption calls for a sustainable resource that does not create more greenhouse gases, pollution or waste for future generations.

Wind power is a renewable, predictable and clean source of energy. Substantial capacity can be built up quickly, offering the energy independence demanded by the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. This is why we call wind power modern energy.

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